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Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Oudgasm | 16 Eau de Parfum Intense - 10 ml

Huda Beauty Oudgasm | 16 Eau de Parfum Intense - 10 ml

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"I’ve always felt that perfume should evoke pure pleasure. The name ‘Oudgasm’ reflects the bold and intense nature of these fragrances. Oud, for me, has always been a source of euphoric and transformative experiences, as if it belongs to its own unique realm. My deep connection with oud began over 20 years ago when I moved to the Middle East and embraced the tradition of layering fragrances as a form of self-expression and love. The depth, richness, and beauty of oud tell countless stories. When creating Oudgasm, I realized it couldn’t be captured in just one scent. My goal was to explore the many dimensions of oud and share that passion with everyone." - Mona Kattan

Inspired by Mona Kattan’s profound love for oud, KAYALI’s Oudgasm Collection celebrates this luxurious and precious ingredient. These unisex fragrances magnify the allure of oud and explore the endless possibilities of fragrance layering. Intense, sensual, and luxurious, each scent offers a contemporary take on the rich traditions of Middle Eastern fragrance rituals, designed to be shared and enjoyed globally.

Oudgasm Rose Oud | 16 Eau de Parfum Intense honors the timeless beauty of the rose. This exquisite blend features iconic notes like sparkling pear, seductive Rose Damascena, and mysterious oud.

Intense, Sensual, Luxurious

Earthy & Woody

Warm Woods

Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Oud

- **Top Notes:** Pear, Lemon, Geranium
- **Middle Notes:** Bulgarian Rose, Peony
- **Base Notes:** Vanilla Madagascar, Cashmere Wood, Oud

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